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What Makes Gaylord Packaging Suitable for Agricultural Produce?

By June 2, 2022No Comments

For the effective storage of vegetable produce, you ought to use the right type of packaging. There are various forms of packaging you can find on the market but Gaylord is the one you can rely upon. These are large-sized bulky boxes made from corrugated sheets.

There are various reasons why manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers prefer using Gaylord packaging. The very basic benefit is that they can withstand almost anything placed in them due to the strength they possess.

Though reusing of Gaylord boxes is not feasible, they can be successfully recycled. The corrugated material, which is used for Gaylord bins, ensures manufacturing the boxes is quite economical. This ensures you don’t have to hamper the budget if you think of using them.

This also means, by using Gaylord boxes, you are contributing to saving the environment.

The major applications of these boxes are:

  • Storage
  • Moving
  • Shipping

You might have noticed these boxes placed on shelves while visiting local grocery stores. A lot of stores use them for display purposes.

The boxes are impact resistant, tear resistant, durable, and flexible, as they made using corrugated cardboard. This type of cardboard is lightweight and is quite strong and stiff. Also, multiple layers of brown Kraft paper are applied for making it.

At Bulky Bin Packaging, you can choose from two sizes of gaylord bins. 24″ gaylord bins are ideal for transferring bulk stuff from a site to another, whereas 36″ variant is suitable for field-to-market distribution of large-sized produce, along with various other applications.

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