RSC Squash Cartons

    • Hand-fold corrugated carton
    • Stronger than pre-glued box
    • Less expensive than pre-glued box
    • Die-cut self-locking bottom
    • Die-cut self-locking top or gap top
    • Ships and stores knocked-down before use – needs less warehouse space
    • Primary applications: squash & vegetables
    • Construction: wax impregnated (WIM) & dry board
    • Color: white & dry board
    • Style: Vented with hand holes
    • Finishes: plain, direct print, & custom
    • Standard sizes: 10#, 25#, .60 bushel, & 1 bushel
    • Regular Slotted Carton (RSC) Also called shipping boxes, RSCs are the
    • most commonly used boxes. They are usually kraft brown in color, have
    • four flaps on the top and bottom and the side walls are sealed at one
    • corner known as the “Manufacturer’s Joint.”

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