Bulk Bin Packaging, LLC works ‘Hand-In-Hand’ with like-minded partners throughout the moist supply chain – poultry and seafood processors, fresh produce growers and packers – along with their customers – retailers, foodservice distributors, and restaurant buyers – to transition, one phase at a time, to environmentally friendly packaging. Further, we work with other companies that expose their product to outdoor or adverse elements, be it outdoor garden centers or refrigerated conditions.

Our Eco-coat wax-free coated boxes are FDA-approved, 100% recyclable and repulpable. Strong and water-resistant, they are the sustainable alternative to wax boxes, reusable plastic crates, and expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam packaging.

Now, companies no longer have to sacrifice branding when they transition to wax-free corrugated packaging. With our pre-print capabilities, customers get water- resistance and branded designs that stand out in a retail or wholesale distribution environment.



Our team works to provide the smartest solutions for RPCs. This film stays on the container with stretchy material that wraps around the RPC corners.

Well Balanced Venting

The ventilation pattern allows for the right balance of sun protection and airflow for produce

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When you’re handling produce, your packaging must work, period, no matter what fruits and vegetables you’re shipping. So when we developed eco-coated boxes, we made sure that they were 10% stronger than the competition…and environmentally friendly at the same time.

Eco-coat protects vegetables and fruit from the packing shed to the customer. In addition to being farm friendly, though, Eco-coat was specifically designed to replace costly non-recyclable wax boxes and to save you money – whether you’re a farmer, a retailer, a foodservice distributor, or a restaurant chain – by being 100% recyclable, coated, strong, and water-repellent. You no longer need to pay wax removal fees and, instead, create a revenue stream from recycling Eco- coat boxes.

Ask for a side-by-side trial with your current packaging. Eco-coat by Bulk Bin Packaging is the future of moisture-resistant sustainable packaging.


Bulk Bin Packaging, LLC has been supplying growers, packers, and shippers for 19 years in, 25 states in the United States. We would relish an opportunity to bid on your current waxed cascaded cartons and provide samples for testing

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