Tomato Trays

  • Stapled or hand-fold corrugated tray
  • Less expensive than pre-glued box
  • Ships and stores flat before use
  • Primary applications: All styles of tomatoes, canned fruit & vegetables, olives, beans, corn
  • Construction: dry board
  • Color/Finish: kraft, #3 white, standard andcustom graphics
  • Style: Design style tray or die cut in #10 configuration
  • Hot melt
    Thermoplastic adhesive, heated to liquid form and applied to seal both case and tray flaps

Packaging is mainly used for transporting product to market and currently is not a significant cost component for growers as they use reusable carton boxes. However, the poor quality carton boxes used by the producers frequently lose their firmness and collapse as a result of condensation when tomatoes are transported in lorry trucks without refrigeration (furthermore, condensation from refrigerated trucks would only increase this phenomenon).

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