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What is Shrink Film and How it Functions?

Shrink Wrap is a material made of polymer plastic shrink film and used all around the world to ship full and partial pallet loads and keep them intact from point A to point B. Heat can be applied with a handheld heat gun (electric or gas), or the product of film can pass through a heat tunnel or conveyor.

Films are stretched when they are warm to orientate molecules to form their initial random pattern. Cooling the film sets the film’s characteristics until it is reheated: this causes it to shrink back towards its initial dimensions.

Where Is It Used? 

Polyolefin is the most commonly used shrink wrap. It is available in a variety of thickness, strengths, and clarities, and shrink ratios. The two films can be cross-linked or non-cross-linked.

Shrink film is commonly used as an overwrap on many types of shrink wrap packaging, including cartons, boxes, beverage cans, and pallet loads. A variety of products may be enclosed in shrink film to stabilize and utilize the product, keep them clean and tamper-resistant. Films can be manufactured in all different colors and are not just clear films.

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