Custom Packaging Supplies for Farm and Agriculture

Our team of experts will help you design the appropriate die-cut corrugated carton, bulk bin, or bulk bags as per your usage of agricultural, food, and industrial products. We create innovative packaging solutions that protect, promote & enable worldwide commerce. Bulk Bin PKG supplies eco-friendly paper & plastic that keeps the consumer safe while protecting the environment.


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Farm Packaging

Almost every package purchased by a business or customer is packaged in corrugated, plastic, or biodegradable substrate or finish. The primary role of warehouse packaging is to get the product from point A to point B safely with no defects. We offer an end-to-end fulfillment or kitting program that fits your needs with our million square feet of warehousing facilities.

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Custom Packaging Solutions To Grow Your Agricultural Business

Fresh, seasonal products have never been more in demand and, for agricultural businesses across the US, this is the time to shine. We are dedicated to creating a fulfillment, packaging, and delivery network that can propel your agricultural and farming business to the next level.

When partnering with our packaging experts, we can help you design a custom solution around your business’s unique goals and needs. Whether you are renowned in your region for your fresh produce or trying to establish your still-young farming business, Bulk Bin has the right solution for your budget.

We have a vast range of premium alternatives to cover all your needs, from custom cardboard boxes to sturdy plastic produce bins and versatile shipping boxes.

Premium Solutions For Your Produce

The agricultural business is in full bloom, and business owners can benefit from unmatched opportunities – but the competition has never been fiercer. Our mission is to create packaging solutions that can protect your products from harvesting to the final delivery to your end-users so that you can gain a competitive edge over other local and national businesses and establish a loyal customer base.

Custom Design To Highlight Your Brand

Suitable packaging is not only instrumental in protecting your products and increasing its shelf life, but it can also help you set your brand apart from the competition.

Our in-house team of specialized design can help you bring your vision to life and create a custom packaging solution that reflects your brand’s vision, mission, and identity. From tailored POS displays to branded produce bins, our white label solutions can fit any brand’s needs.

Just In Time (JIT) Delivery - Across the US!

At Bulk Bin, our service goes far beyond simply designing packaging. We understand the ins and outs of the agricultural industry in the US, and we work hard to expand our range of services to each of our customers.

Today, you can count on premium fulfillment and delivery services that fit your budget and production needs. Thanks to our Just In Time (JIT) system and multiple distribution centers across the nation, we can guarantee fast, low-cost logistic and shipping services in Florida, Utah, California, and throughout the United States.

Looking for a seasonal or scalable solution that works for your business’s budget? Get in touch and discover our options.

Keeping Your Produce Safe Since 1998

If you have worked hard to launch your agricultural business, the chances are that you put your care and passion into harvesting every single product. You need to make sure that your shipping, transportation, and warehousing provider will do the same.

Established in 1998 by founder Ned Sams, the team at Bulk Bin has helped hundreds of farmers and business owners operating within the American agricultural industry fulfill their goals. When working with our team for your shipping, packaging, and warehousing needs, you can count on our team of experts working as an extension of your brand.

Our Product

  • Pumpkin Bins 1 Pallet (42 Units)

  • Pumpkin Bins 10 Pallets (420 Units)

  • Pumpkin Bins 11 Pallets (462 Units)

  • Pumpkin Bins 2 Pallets (84 Units)

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