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We offer pre-print graphics for your packaging

By June 2, 2022No Comments

Various wholesale suppliers and retailers connect with us when they are looking for cheap shipping boxes at wholesale prices. We also offer pre-print graphics solutions for the packaging. As a part of this service, outside liner gets printed before corrugation. Other technical features include wide web flexography and large format.

You can ask us for UV coatings when giving an order for this service. There is no limit when it comes to choosing substrate.

There are various benefits linked to our service. The companies seeking bulk packaging and pre-print service appreciate our superior color consistency. The per-unit cost is lowest you can find.

Other benefits include value-added photographic reproductions and precise registration. It is due to these advantages that we are quite popular across the US.

These are the specific benefits related to the solution we offer. If we talk about the general benefits, our clients enjoy next day shipping with our solutions. As each product is made in the USA, there is no compromise with the quality.

With the products or service we offer, you get 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. The team always focuses on producing eco-friendly products. For example, you can get the nationwide stretch film, which is made up of core-less stretch film technology. This is an important innovation related to environmental source reduction.

If you are seeking packaging wholesalers, we are here to help. Get vegetable produce packaging, shrink wrap, Gaylord bins, etc. from us. Click this link to read the features of these bins.

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