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Bulk Bin Packaging has recently completed 20 years in service. In this journey, the company has made some valuable associations with companies from different industries. Some of its esteemed clients include Whole Foods, Perry & Sons, National Watermelon Association, and Western Watermelon Association. One of our most popular products is clear poly bags that are available at wholesale rates.

Here are some industries we serve through our offerings.

Food Companies

Various food companies connect with us for bulk bags, bulk bins, and die-cut cartons. The packaging products we create are ideal for the promotion and protection of goods. Even the environment remains protected with our eco-friendly plastic and paper.

Industrial companies

We make sure the industrial manufacturers and suppliers can easily store their products in packaging like octagon bins and other items. The aim is to minimize the shock during the transportation and storage of such products.

Agricultural Farms

The individuals and companies from this sector use our vegetable produce packaging, which includes tomato trays, mesh onion bags, and wholesale layflat poly bags.

Tech companies

Even tech companies connect with us for bulk packaging boxes. The consumers who use these products stay safe, as we use superior quality products.

Our shipping is not just limited to the USA. We also ship our products in Canada, Mexico, and Caribbean Islands. The quality level we offer has let us serve around 110 customers. Learn more about our features and solutions from here:  Call us in case of any query: (916)-472-1176

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