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Top benefits of using Gaylord boxes for storage and shipping

By June 2, 2022No Comments

A lot of individuals get confused when they hear the term “Gaylord box.” In simple terms, it is a bulk-sized corrugated box that enables shipping in a pallet or a large container.

There are several reasons why these boxes are popular. Through this blog post, we discuss some major benefits of this container.

They are strong

As the boxes are strong and heavy, they are ideal for shipping the products over a large distance. You can store just about anything in them. The strength of these boxes comes from the material used for manufacturing. They are made using corrugated cardboard, which is lightweight and strong. The paper used for making this cardboard is resistant to bursting, splitting, and tearing.

They are eco-friendly

Even though the boxes are suitable for single use, you can recycle them. This makes them eco-friendly and an economical choice.

They are ideal for display purpose

Apart from storage and shipping, the boxes are ideal for display purpose. If you visit a local grocery store, you might notice that bagged products or fresh produce are displayed using Gaylord boxes.

As we have already discussed, these boxes are economical. The corrugated cardboard also makes them cheaper than other popular options.

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