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The Benefits of Using Octagon Bins from Our Store

By June 2, 2022No Comments

In our 19 years of business, we have a huge range of bins and packaging to meet the demands of the market. Among these products, octagon bins are quite popular due to their features.

These boxes can be utilized to store heaviest products. Even shipping such products is not a matter of worry. The unique design of octagon bin lets you utilize maximum space without any wastage.

Each bin is made using extra heavy-duty kraft corrugated, which ensures the maximum durability. Every bin we offer comes with a lid for extra protection. Due to its durable nature, this type of bin is ideal for shipping resins, produce, and powders.

To make them look more attractive, we offer our printing technologies, using which you can add artwork or logo of the bins. We will provide you with a corner to corner pre-print. While offering the printing solutions, our team offers attention to detail.

Other than these containers, our safer corner bins are also quite popular. These retail friendly containers are triple-wall corrugated and can be used for agricultural or industrial purposes. The best part about these bins is that no possible lawsuit liabilities or tripping hazards are linked to it. These fully recyclable boxes come in three different depths: 24 inches, 26 inches, and 36 inches.

Enjoy next day shipping and wholesale prices with these bins. To read more or to make an order, check this link: Call us to discuss your requirement or to clarify your doubts: (888) 432-7596.

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