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Everything You Should Know About Gaylord Bins

By June 2, 2022No Comments

At Bulk Bin Packaging, you will find Gaylord bins that can be used for storage and effective transportation. Let’s read different things you should be aware of related to these bins.

Thickness of Gaylord bins

This is available in different thicknesses, including AAA/Flute, AAC/Flute, BC-BC Flute, and Super A/Flute. Consult with one of our packaging experts to understand the type of products you can store in these bins.

Size of Gaylord bins

Choose from 24-inch or 36-inch Gaylord bins for your products. The 24-inch variant can be used to transfer bulk products one site to another, whereas the latter one is ideal for distribution of large produce from field to market.

Benefits of Gaylord bins

The reason these bins are so popular among our clients is due to the strength they offer. They are resistant to tear and impact and are highly durable. As the bins are made using corrugated cardboard, they are not heavy.

What can you store?

Use these bins for storing watermelons, carrots, lemons, pineapple, onions, limes, and cantaloupe.

Other features

These bins are easy to load and unload. Gaylord bins come with flanged top and bottom. We design the bins in such a manner that they fit on GMA 48” x 40” standard pallet. This ensures compatibility with storage and shipping systems.

Board Tests

The bins from our company have passed different grades of Edge Crush Tests. These tests include 1100#/90, 1200#/112, and 1300#/155.

You can choose from pre-print or direct print option if you are searching graphic design boxes. For additional details on Gaylord packaging boxes, check this link. Expect next day shipping with these boxes.

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