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The top 5 pumpkin producing states:

 1. New York
 2. California
 3. Illinois
 4. Michigan
 5. Pennsylvania


Don't settle for this!

One secret of raising pumpkins is timing

If the pumpkin crop is plentiful or short this season, whether you have a crop of Autumn Gold, New England Pie or the industry standard Howden Field, one secret of raising pumpkins is timing. Planting pumpkins too early may cause them to soften and rot before Halloween. Some farmers shoot for Flag Day and plant their pumpkins on June 16th.

When it comes to marketing your pumpkins for retail outlets, though, timing is definitely not everything! Retailers now expect attractive packaging as well as quality products.

Bulk Bin Packaging has helped growers like Danny Costa increase the visual impact of their products with the use of pre-print bins for point-of-purchase applications. Danny's customers prefer attention-getting pre-print bins over the old industry standard plain Kraft corrugated bins.
BBP pre-print bins on retail display at Albertsons, Inc.

Using innovative packaging has allowed Danny to become a major supplier to supermarkets across California. Bulk Bin Packaging helped Danny select the appropriate bin size and print design, and arranged a delivery schedule that put the right bins at Danny's facility at the right time.

Pre-print pumpkin bins are available in 24" and 36" sizes.

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