• Industry-standard corrugated bin
  • A popular choice for field to market distributions of large produce
  • Designed to fit on GMA 48″ x 40″ standard pallet for compatibility with shipping and storage systems
  • Widest variety of standard sizes & options
  • Primary applications: pumpkin, watermelon, cantaloupe, carrot, squash, & gourds
  • Construction: Triple-wall corrugated or laminated
  • Board test: 1100#/90 ECT, 1200#/112 ECT, 1300#/155 ECT, & 1350#
  • Finishes: Direct print, pre-print, litho-laminated, kraft, & white
  • Standard depths: 24″ 26″ 36″

Bulk bins are a way of selling consumables by weight. The product is stored in bins in a section of the retail floor. A customer can measure out an amount of product into a plastic bag, to be later weighed at the point of sale. The product is usually less expensive per unit compared to pre-packaged items.

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